Second Hand Photocopier

Everybody knows that Top 4 Photocopiers is the best online supplier of copiers, printers, faxes and all other office equipment. This is the place the smart company comes to find the most effective, innovative hardware at the lowest online prices. In our extensive catalogue you will find Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, Toshiba and Samsung models from the very top of the business equipment tree for prices way below the Recommended Retail Price you will be charged when you shop with other suppliers.

Yet it is possible to make even more profound savings on your document system purchase when you buy from Top 4 Photocopiers. We also stock a range of high performance second hand photocopiers that come packed with just as much power and just as many top specs and features as our online range. To order, just call our dedicated team of experts who will give you the low-down on the superior second hand models we have on offer.

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Why people choose Top 4 Photocopiers
When you call Top 4 Photocopiers you should expect nothing but the best service. Our team specialise not just in making sure each customer gets a good deal on a good machine but also, ensuring they get a good deal on the right machine for their specific working practices. To do this, they take the time to find out more about the quantity, quality and type of document handling each customer requires and then search our catalogue for the copier that fits this description.

canon-clc5151-photocopierWhy people choose second hand photocopiers
Many companies think that purchasing a brand new copier is always a better option than picking up a used device. The thinking is that you can’t be sure what the previous owner might have put their machine through, so the extra expense of purchasing an off-the-shelf model is worth it. After all, when it comes to your business, why take a gamble?

When you shop with Top 4 Photocopiers, however, there is no gamble being taken. Every single second hand device we offer is tired and tested. We do not and will not ever re-sell as device that is not in excellent, working, fully functional condition. In many cases, our second hand MFDs have had parts replaced, so, though the machine itself might have some years on it, many of its most important components are brand new.

With the knowledge on board that a second hand device will be just as powerful as a new MFD, the reduced price tag seems a lot more attractive. Not to mention the fact that we stock previously owned machines from the very best hardware brands in the world.

A selection from the top manufacturers
Here at Top 4 Photocopiers you will only find high quality machines from trusted, world renowned brands like Sharp, Canon, Samsung, Toshiba and Ricoh. All of these companies have a long standing reputation built upon years and years of innovation and top drawer productivity. Once you bring one to your system you can rest assured you will get muscularity and power.

ricoh-mpc2051ad-photocopierA superb range
Just like our first hand range, our line of second hand devices includes desktop, A4 devices, A3 devices, colour, mono and production sized models. With that kind of variety, you are sure to find the right fit for your workflow.

Price and variety are not the only reasons to shop at Top 4 Photocopiers either. We also offer perhaps the most complete and dedicated round the clock support service you will find from any UK supplier. Our nationwide network of highly-trained engineers is on hand to keep your machine running at optimum performance so, no matter how heavy your workload becomes, you can always be sure of peak performance from your hardware.

Second Hand Photocopier The advantages of getting a second hand copier from Top 4 Photocopiers

  • Cost: The main reason so many companies choose second hand photocopiers is cost. While Top 4 Photocopiers stocks some of the most affordable top of the line MFDs in the UK, the prices for our previously owned machines are even lower. You can bring a superb, powerful, muscular document handling system to your network with a minimum of the spend.
  • Choice: Here at Top 4 Photocopiers you get to choose from one of the deepest, most extensive office equipment catalogues in the world. It doesn’t matter what type of machine you are after – a desktop, a production printer, a mid-sized MFD, a fax, a scanner or whatever else – we will have a product perfect for your requirements. This variety and choice extends to our second hand catalogue, which is just as extensive.
  • Reliability: Top 4 Photocopiers does not accept pre-owned models that are not in full working order. Our second hand range is stocked only with muscular, high performance hardware that works as good as new. In many cases these devices have been fitted with replacement parts, so vital components in your MFD will be brand new when you add them to your IT infrastructure.
  • Top brands: We only offer MFDs from the biggest and best names in office hardware. Names like Samsung, Toshiba, Ricoh, Sharp and Canon are known across the world, their reputations built upon decades and decades of groundbreaking hardware.
  • Get a top MFD for a bargain price: If your company is on a budget you might not be able to afford the high-end machine you require. By buying a second hand device you can bring the top of the line device to your network without destroying your budget in the process.

All of this adds up to high powered, high performance document handling at a tiny fraction of the price you might expect. So, if you want a top-of-the-line mono or colour photocopier from the very top-of-the-line but don’t want to break your budget in the process, call us now and find out more about our extensive second hand range. Our team of experts are ready to deliver the best hardware to your office.