With over a thousand photocopier rentals available from our catalogue, we offer a superb level of choice for those looking for a document system on either a short or long term basis. While you might think owning your office equipment is preferable to a temporary rental agreement, many companies are now realising the huge benefits of hiring a MFD.

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Photocopier Rental

The benefits of photocopier hire

  • Flexibility: don’t tie yourself down with an outright purchase.
  • Convenience: Top 4 Photocopiers will deliver and install your device and pick it up at the end of your agreement.
  • Affordability: We offer some of the lowest rental rates around on photocopier hire.
  • Choice: Check out our extensive range of world class MFDs from big name brands like Canon, Samsung, Sharp, Ricoh and Toshiba.

Why hire a photocopier?

If you run a new start-up company it may well be the case that you have yet to amass the capital to purchase the quality of machine you need to tackle your workload. Renting a top drawer MFP will be cheaper in the short term, allowing you to get to work right out of the gate, at the level of productivity you require.

Rent Sharp PhotocopiersAnother great benefit is the flexibility that renting allows. If your company’s print and copy requirements are likely to change as your business develops then you may not want to commit financially to a particular device. Hiring a photocopier short term allows you to upgrade or change machines when the rental period expires with little hassle.

Or, perhaps you are running a one-off event and need a document system for the day. You might not want to bring a copier from another location or buy one that won’t be put to use afterwards. In this case, copier rental will be the best choice.

Just because renting is affordable from Top4Office, don’t think that means you have to compromise on quality. Most of our world class range of machines from Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba, Samsung and Sharp are available to hire. The catalogue boasts MFPs of every shape and size, capable of meeting the needs of every shape and size of company.

Rent Canon MFDs

Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE range of multifunctional photocopiers is one of the standout lines in the hardware industry. This set of truly world class document handling systems does more than just print, scan and copy. These machines can be the hub for all the data that comes in and out of your workplace, either in digital or hard copy form.

Top of the line Canon copiers come equipped with features and specs that allow you to receive, store, share and edit data with real speed and simplicity. Canon’s world famous uniFLOW solution is also on hand, allowing the busy office manager to keep running costs under control. 

So, when you hire a Canon machine, you can rely upon speedy, flexible and cost effective printing, scanning and data usage.

Ricoh Aficio

Rent Ricoh MFDs

For nearly a century, Ricoh has been world renowned for producing high quality hardware. In the 80s it entered the office equipment market and took the industry by storm with its combination of effectiveness, efficiency, style and user friendliness. Now, Ricoh is one of the most trusted names in photocopiers. The Aficio line of MFDs brings together true usability, versatility and speed.

At Top 4 Photocopiers, you will find almost one hundred different Ricoh models that are available to rent. Our rates are some of the lowest in the UK, so you know you will be getting a high performance machine without breaking the bank on a short or long term deal.

Sharp Copier

Rent Sharp MFDs

Sharp is another globally recognised and long trusted hardware brand, with a reputation built upon decades and decades of innovation and performance. In fact, its history of groundbreaking goes back 101 years, all the way to the invention of the Sharp mechanical pencil, which revolutionised mechanical writing.

Nowadays it is known for its televisions, kitchen appliances and, of course, copiers. Sharp’s MFDs marry style with productivity in a way few other brands can manage. When you install one of these devices to your network, you get a muscular, aesthetically pleasing machine that can handle high volumes of documents with brilliant speed and quality

Renting a Sharp photocopier is, therefore, highly recommended. At Top 4 Photocopiers you will find everything from Sharp desktops to Sharp production printers, available to hire at bargain rates.

Rent Toshiba MFDs

Toshiba eSTUDIOThe Toshiba e-STUDIO range of multifunctional photocopiers represents a combination of affordability and performance. Toshiba uses the term ‘human-centric’ to refer to this range’s brilliantly productive capabilities. This is covered across 7 different areas: high quality performance, accelerated productivity, simple operation, security, management, environmental friendliness and simple integration.

By focussing in on these crucial areas, Toshiba ensure every office gets a machine that can match its document handling requirements. So, if you are looking for a document system for short or a long term hire, then a Toshiba device will be well worth checking out.

Here at Top 4 Photocopiers we have a huge number of Toshiba models for you to choose from. Whether you are running a one-off event or require an MFD for a number of months, hiring an e-STUDIO from Top 4 Photocopiers is a great move.

The benefits of shopping at Top 4 Photocopiers

Top4PhotocopiersTo ensure your business gets the right machine for its purposes, call our team today and ask about our rental agreements. These dedicated experts take the time to find out exactly what it is your company requires, rather than just recommending a generic document system for every customer. This means you can rest assured that, when you rent from Top4Office, you’ll get an MFP that can definitely handle your specific workload. That great service does not end after the machine is on your network. We also offer the full support of our service staff to make sure the device operates at its maximum potential throughout your entire rental agreement.

Over the years we’ve found this to be a very successful method. The proof? Hundreds of thousands of happy customers all over Europe!

If you want a short or long term rental deal on a printer, copier or any other piece of business equipment, look no further than Top4Office. Call now for a great deal on your next MFP.

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