Toshiba e-STUDIO 245

If you want a world class, compact multifunction document handling system, Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 is a solid choice. It comes with an intuitive control system and some of the most cost effective features in its class, so you know that the top drawer copying, printing and scanning will not break your budget or keep your staff away from their real work with device maintenance tasks.  Learn more...
Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 is discontinued
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Prod Code: 6AG00004085
Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 Copier

Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 Copier Toshiba eSTUDIO 245 Printer Copier

Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 Information

    In the modern office environment, where technological advances have made the sharing and distribution of data faster moving than ever before, you need hardware that supports a quick, smooth workflow. The Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 can be that hardware, packing rapid printing, copying and scanning  capabilities and offering its user truly efficient information distribution. For greater flexibility, add the world class fax option so you can move your hard copy data in an instant.

    Consistently strong output

    The e-STUDIO 245 comes with 24 pages per minute output speeds and a maximum paper capacity of 1,700 sheets, so has been precision engineered to tackle a heavy workload in a small office. A network scanner can be added as an option, meaning users can quickly send hard copy data to network files, email and other locations. That allows you to introduce greater mobility to your working practices.

    Superb quality images

    Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 comes kitted out with the Contact Image Sensor, a breathtakingly powerful feature that ensures razor sharp focus and clear resolution time and time again. This makes copying from books and magazines particularly easy and effective. So, if you want fast output and real quality when it comes to your document flow, this model will be a great fit.

    Truly convenient document handling

    It has never been enough for Toshiba to simply produce top drawer hardware. Throughout its decades and decades of innovation, it has always stressed the importance of making hardware that is accessible to as large an audience of end-users as possible. As well as the intuitive control panel, the Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 also boasts Electronic Sort capable of producing anything up to 999 sets without any need for manual sorting. 

    Environmentally friendly hardware

    There are many reasons to purchase eco-friendly hardware. For one thing, it helps keep your costs under control and, for another, it helps keep the planet healthy. With Toner Recycling Technology and very low power consumption, you can rest assured that when the e-STUDIO 245 is on your network you’re office will never waste paper, power or toner again.

    For efficiency, for output and for flexibility, the Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 is a great option. Call us today to order yours. 

    Toshiba e-STUDIO 245 Specifications

    Weight (Kg)
    Weight (Kg)
    Dimension (WxDxH) 600 x 659 x 463 mm Dimension (WxDxH)
    RAM 112 MB RAM

    Resolution (dpi)
    Resolution (dpi)

    Paper Size- Min.-Max.
    Paper Size- Min.-Max.
    Speed (copy & print) 24 Speed (copy & print)

    Warm Up Time (sec.)
    Warm Up Time (sec.)

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