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How do I make sure my photocopier is eco-friendly? 4 things to look out for

It is little wonder that more and more UK companies are concerned with making their processes more eco-efficient. First off, it’s good for the planet. A company producing less waste and using less energy is a company doing its bit to forge a more sustainable future for the world. Yet there is also the issue of profit. The less consumables you use and the lower your power consumption, the better it is for your budget. So that gives you two extremely good reasons to make your company a green one.

Green photocopier

One very good way to reduce the waste is to add green document handling hardware to your network. An environmentally friendly photocopier can cut down on your toner, paper and electricity usage with superb effectiveness, reducing both your running costs and carbon footprint in the process.

But how do you know the copier you are buying is a truly green machine? After all, lots of brands make grand claims about their commitment to eco-friendliness, but not all of them deliver. Here are four key things to look out for when you are shopping for a green system.

Green printing

1. The Energy Star

The EU make things easy for the shopper that wants to buy green. You may already be familiar with the EU Energy Star, the small blue logo that appears on hardware of all types to signify that it has been tested and found to be genuinely energy efficient. Most big name copiers will boast this award.

2. Automatic duplex

Consumables account for most the waste and running costs that your MFD will clock up in its lifetime. The best models will, therefore, come with features that will prevent these costs running out of control. Automatic duplex mode is one such feature. With this on board, your workforce can print two-sided without the time consuming task of re-feeding the paper.

3. Power consumption

Controlling your power consumption is key to controlling both your carbon footprint and your running costs. The best MFDs on the market will help you to do this, with features that tighten the leash on your energy usage. For example, a powerful Sleep Mode will massively reduced your running costs, as it will keep your photocopier from consuming power while out of use. Also, check out the maximum power consumption. This could be anything between 1.5kW to 2.5kW. If it is up around the high end of that scale, it would need to be a pretty large scale production model.

The eco-friendly office

4. Toner yield

Perhaps the largest drain on your operating costs and carbon footprint when it comes to document handling is going to be toner. To ensure that you get every drop out of every toner cartridge you put into your machine, make sure it comes with a High Yield Toner mode. This will allow you to get a large amount of documents from a smaller amount of expensive toner.

It is really not hard to decrease your environmental impact when you buy a new photocopier. Just make sure you look out for these four key areas on any new model you consider.