Lease a photocopier

5 good reasons to lease a photocopier

It’s no surprise that more and more British businesses are leasing their photocopiers. While, once, it was always considered buying outright was the best option when you were adding hardware to your network, that’s no longer an accepted wisdom. Nowadays, workplaces are waking up to how cost effective, efficient and convenient leasing really is.

If you are looking to add a document system to your workplace, here are five very good reasons to choose leasing over buying.


Lease or buy a photocopier

A photocopier is a big investment. If you are starting a new company, it can end up cutting deep into your start up budget when you purchase it outright. If, on the other hand, you choose to lease your copier, you can spread this cost over a longer period of time. This means more financial flexibility when your business really needs it.


One of the biggest advantages of leasing your copier is that leased costs are deductible business expenses when the time comes around to pay your taxes. While your company can claim 40% of the price back when you buy, all of your leased payments can be deducted.

Lease a photocopier or buy a photocopier


Leasing is, generally speaking, a smart move if you are looking for business equipment that is likely to depreciate. Photocopiers, generally speaking, will not appreciate in value, so buying it outright is unlikely to be the best plan. A lease agreement is far more advisable, as it allows you the freedom to upgrade to a new system when the technology upgrades.


If you like to be in control of every element of what your business does, then leasing is going to fit you perfectly. When you lease, you can ensure you get a payment plan that is suitable specifically to your company – whether that is a typical five year leasing agreement or something more versatile.

Get a photocopier


Many start-up companies face the same issue when they launch: they need high quality hardware to keep their productivity high, but do not yet have the budget to afford it. With a lease deal, you can get a high powered, high quality photocopier, without burning a hole in your budget. This way, you get the level of output required to succeed, at a cost you can afford.

When compared with buying outright, leasing offers your business benefit upon benefit. So, if you are planning to add new hardware to your business, call our expert team today and ask about our outstanding lease deals.