3 key questions to ask yourself before you start your copier search

Ensuring you get the best possible photocopier for your business is not always easy. There is such a huge level of choice available to the modern copier buyer, that you can feel a little lost as soon as you begin searching. In reality, however, getting the best out of the market takes nothing more than really knowing what you need from your hardware. Working this out is easy: just ask yourself the following 5 questions.


What size of photocopier do I want?

Photocopiers are now made to suit every type of workplace, from one-man bands operating out of a home office to the headquarters of a massive, multi-national corporations and everything in between. Ensuring you get the right one for your company is merely a matter of identifying what size of company you run. Regardless of what the answer is, you will find a photocopier to suit you in the Top 4 Photocopiers catalogue – desktop systems perfect for the small department, mid-sized copiers, large scale duplicators, production print models for the commercial print environment and more.

CopiersWhat kind of budget do I have?

Lots of offices overspend on their office hardware by beginning to browse without fully calculating a budget. Pick a number above which you will not go, and use an online catalogue with a search filter that will allow you to keep the hardware you browse beneath that level. Also, don’t just pick the copier with the lowest price tag. The cost of high quality document handling systems goes beyond the asking price, and takes into account the running costs such as toner and paper usage and power consumption. Sometimes a cheap piece of hardware ends up costing you far, far more in maintenance and consumable costs.

How should I purchase this machine?

While you might assume that buying your photocopier outright is always the best option, more and more companies in the UK are now leasing their document handling equipment. Leasing’s increasing popularity is testament to its long-list of benefits. As you spread the cost over a much longer period of time, as opposed to paying a big lump sum in one go, it is great for your short terms costs. That’s good news for the start-up company that wants top quality hardware but doesn’t want to throw away a huge slice of its initial budget to get it. Also, if you have leased your photocopier, you do not need to worry about it depreciating in value over time.

Buy a photocopier

Though it might seem daunting when you begin your search, getting the right photocopier for your business doesn’t need to be such a tough task. Just make sure you have clear answers to these important questions, and you will be armed with the knowledge you need to narrow it down to the best MFD available.