Sharp MX-C381

A fantastic, versatile and high performance photocopier, printer and fax that takes up next to no space in the office, the Sharp MX-C381 has been designed to meet the requirements of any size of workplace in any kind of industry. Learn more...
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Sharp MX-C381 Copier

Sharp MX-C381 Copier Sharp MX C381 Photocopier Sharp MX-C381 multifunction

Sharp MX-C381 Information

You might think that a world class multifunction digital document system comes with a high price and a huge footprint and about five year ago you might have been right. Nowadays, however, innovators like Sharp create hardware that is affordable and compact, yet still houses all the functions and power an office needs from their digital print devices. The colour A4 MFP MX C381 is a good case in point.

A stylish design to suit any office

What is, perhaps, most incredible about the Sharp MX C381 is how much power and pace it packs into such a compact, stylish design. It comes with remarkably small dimensions: just 535 mm wide and 438 mm deep. This allows it to fit snugly into even the most cramped of offices. That’s great news for those who run small businesses but still need a reliably fast flow of data and documents to support their workflow. It’s user-friendly too, with an 8.5 inch LCD touch screen display and a logically laid-out interface.

Quality made simple

The swift 31 pages per minute print and copy speeds of the MX C381 do not just mean documents arrive quickly in your out tray. When married to the 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution, they ensure rapid speed is matched by sophisticated quality every time you press that green button. The in-built stackless duplex module is great for both saving on paper and saving space in the office.

Stay efficient throughout ownership

Efficiency of both design and operation are at the forefront of everything the Sharp MX C381 does. Even when you add high performance options such as the inner finisher capable of stapling and sorting, it adds nothing to the dimensions. For those looking for high volume printing and copying, options can extend the paper capacity to a massive 2,100 sheets, to ensure that replenishing or refilling the device is a rare occurrence.

Safety and security is a top priority

When you consider the amount of sensitive company information that passes through your network on a daily basis, the security features of all your hardware become incredibly important. With Confidential Print Mode,l Secure Sockets Layer and User Authentication on board, you can rest assured that your sensitive data will be treated with utmost care when you have the Sharp MX C381 on your network.

Call Top4Photcopiers if you want to find out more about the Sharp MX C381: a great, compact MFD with a bargain price tag. 

Sharp MX-C381 Specifications

Scan Destination USB Memory Yes Scan Destination USB Memory
Available fonts 80 (PCL), 136 (PS3) Available fonts
PDL Emulation Printer Standard/Opt Standard PCL 5c/6, PS3 Emulation, OPT XPS PDL Emulation Printer Standard/Opt
Printing protocols LPR, Raw TCP (port 9100), POP3 (e-mail Printing), HTTP, Novell Printserver Application With NDS And Bindery, FTP For Downloading Print Files, EtherTalk Printing, IPP Printing protocols
Network protocols TCP/IP (IPv4 And IPv6), IPX/SPX (NetWare), NetBEUI, EtherTalk (AppleTalk) Network protocols
Supported OS Standard Windows 98/ME/NT4.0 SP5 Or Later/2000/Server 2003/XP/Vista/Server 2008; Mac OS 9.2.2/Mac OS X 10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4.11/10.5-10.5.1 Supported OS Standard
Interface Standard/Opt Standard USB 2.0, 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Interface Standard/Opt
Network Printer (Standard / Option) Standard Network Printer (Standard / Option)
Printer Resolution (dpi) 1200 X 1200 Printer Resolution (dpi)
Confidential storage Yes Confidential storage
Scan Destination Network Folder Yes Scan Destination Network Folder
Stored jobs Copy, Print, Direct Print, Scan, Fax Transmission Stored jobs
Document Filing Capacity- Quick File Folder (pages 1700 Document Filing Capacity- Quick File Folder (pages)
Document Filing Capacity- Main And Custom Folders 5500 Document Filing Capacity- Main And Custom Folders (pages)
Document Filing Document Filing (Standard / Op Standard Document Filing Document Filing (Standard / Option)
Storage folders Quick File Folder, Main Folder, Custom Folder (max. 1000) Storage folders
Compression Method MH/MR/MMR/JBIG Compression Method
Fax Fax (Standard / Option) OPT Fax Fax (Standard / Option)
Hole Punch No Hole Punch
Off-set Shifting Yes Off-set Shifting
Saddle Stitch No Saddle Stitch
Multi- Staple (sheets) Max. 30 Multi- Staple (sheets) Max.
Finishing Output Capacity Max. 280 Finishing Output Capacity Max.
Broadcast Transmission (max. Destinations) 500 Broadcast Transmission (max. Destinations)
Dial Registration; Rapid/speed Dial 999 Dial Registration; Rapid/speed Dial
Grey Scale Levels 256 Grey Scale Levels
Memory (MB) 8 Memory (MB)
Document Size (Max) A4 Document Size (Max)
Document Size (Min) A5 Document Size (Min)
Transmission resolution Standard 203,2 X 97,8 Dpi / Extra Fine 406,4 X 391 Dpi Transmission resolution
Modem Speed (bps) 33.600 - 2.400 Modem Speed (bps)
Transmission Time (sec) 3 Transmission Time (sec)
Communication Protocol Super G3 Communication Protocol
Scan Destination FTP, Email Yes Scan Destination FTP, Email
Scan Destinations Desktop Yes Scan Destinations Desktop
Scanner utilities Network Scan Tool, Sharpdesk, Sharp TWAIN Scanner utilities
Copier Original Paper Size (Max.) A4 Copier Original Paper Size (Max.)
Weight (Kg) 46 Weight (Kg)
Dimensions (mm) 560 X 493 X 714 Dimensions (mm)
Power consumption (kW) 1,84 Power consumption (kW)
Power requirements - rated local AC voltage (Hz) 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz Power requirements - rated local AC voltage (Hz)
Harddisk capacity (GB) 80 Harddisk capacity (GB)
Harddisk Standard Harddisk
Memory printer min/max (MB) 1024 - 2048 Memory printer min/max (MB)
Memory general min/max (MB) 512 Memory general min/max (MB)
Warm Up Time (sec.) 90 Warm Up Time (sec.)
Paper Capacity- Max. (sheets) 2100 Paper Capacity- Max. (sheets)
Paper Capacity-Standard (sheets) 600 Paper Capacity-Standard (sheets)
Paper weight (g/m2) 55 - 209 Paper weight (g/m2)
Paper Size- Min.-Max. A5 - A4 Paper Size- Min.-Max.
Engine speed B/W ppm (A4) 38 Engine speed B/W ppm (A4)
First Copy Out Time Colour (sec.) 8,9 First Copy Out Time Colour (sec.)
First Copy Out Time B/W (sec.) 8,0 First Copy Out Time B/W (sec.)
File Formats XPS, TIFF, PDF, Encrypted PDF, JPEG (colour Only) File Formats
Resolution Pull Scan (dpi) 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600, 50 To 9600 Resolution Pull Scan (dpi)
Resolution Push Scan (dpi) 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 Resolution Push Scan (dpi)
Scan Method Push Scan And Pull Scan Yes Scan Method Push Scan And Pull Scan
Scanner Network Scanner (Standard / Option) Standard Scanner Network Scanner (Standard / Option)
Document Feeder Original Capacity (sheets) 50 Document Feeder Original Capacity (sheets)
Preset copy ratios 8 Preset copy ratios
Zoom Range (%) 50 - 200 Zoom Range (%)
Gradation (equivalent Levels) - Colour 256 Gradation (equivalent Levels) - Colour
Gradation (equivalent Levels) - B/W 2 Gradation (equivalent Levels) - B/W
Resolution Print (dpi) 1200 X 1200 Resolution Print (dpi)
Resolution Scan Colour (dpi) 600 X 600 Resolution Scan Colour (dpi)
Resolution Scan B/W (dpi) 600 X 600 Resolution Scan B/W (dpi)
Continuous Copy (Max. Copies) 999 Continuous Copy (Max. Copies)
E-sort Opt. No E-sort Opt.
E-sort Standard Yes E-sort Standard
Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A4) 38 Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A4)
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5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars Sharp MX C381 review, 10th August 2012
5 5

When I first started looking for a photocopier I was advised to go with refurbished machines instead of new models, for similar performance on a tight budget. Cannot say the idea did not appeal to me, but after checking market prices it seems there are new photocopiers out there which do not cost an arm and a leg. Top4office helped match our office print needs with the right copier machine and the result speaks for itself. Sharp MX-C381 is highly effective when it comes to both speed and price per copy, a true document management powerhouse. Overhead is an issue, but while initial costs seem high, they are recovered in time through lower cost per copy and the resulting print savings. We found this solution to suit us best.
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars Sharp MX-C381 review, 21st June 2012
5 5

The reason we purchased this particular copier has to do with internal infrastructure. Our company has several smaller offices scattered within the same building, on different floors. Since using a single high volume photocopier is not an option, we had to create a networked solution that would allow every department to have copier access. By grouping 60 users per copier machine, we can now handle the work load with just three Sharp MX C381 and no logistical nightmare. Another well budgeted acquisition victory.

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