Sharp MX-3114N

An A3 colour multifunction printer that does not stint on speed and energy efficiency, the Sharp MX-3114N is a great choice for large departments and offices where the quality of the material that comes out of the printers, copiers and scanners is important.  Learn more...
Sharp MX-3114N is discontinued
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Sharp MX-3114N Copier

Sharp MX-3114N Copier Sharp MX 3114N photocopier

Sharp MX-3114N Information

A3 multifunctional devices often come with high price tags and high energy bills. You might assume that this was the case for every such product on the market. After all, this hardware has to handle the workload of a printer, photocopier and scanner, and has to do so for large scale documents. The Sharp MX-3114N, however, challenges that assumption. This has the power to handle big, striking documents but also the specs to do so at speed and a very fair price. Not only that, its eco-friendly features keep power consumption low.

An effective, manageable workflow

The Sharp MX 3114N will be a happy addition to your office’s IT infrastructure if you want to take control of your workflow. The office administrator can access the Printer Status Monitor right on their desktop PC, from which they can track all areas of the device’s performance. Without leaving their workstation they can check on toner and paper levels and track how documents are being created and used on a completely logical and intuitive interface.

Deep capacity

With a remarkably deep maximum 3,100 sheets page capacity, this MFD can handle even a heavy workload with a minimum of maintenance. A 320GB internal hard drive offers incredible memory and power, so you can stay as effective as possible as long as the photocopier is running on your network. As well as a deep capacity you also get high speed output, with 31 pages per minute speeds delivering rapid productivity again and again.

Magnificent technology

The Sharp MX 3114N comes equipped with some of the most cutting edge modern document handling technology. For example, the Network Attached Storage features allows users to share files amongst those on your office’s network in a simple, quick, one-button process. The Data Security Kit is great for document safety, with features to guard against unauthorised usage of confidential and sensitive data.

Save on energy, save on cost

Eco-efficiency and sustainable consumable usage are beneficial for reasons that go beyond environmental friendliness. Keeping your energy consumption and waste production to a minimum will also help you control costs across your workflow. With a remarkably low Typical Energy Consumption and efficient consumable usage, the MX 3114 is a great choice for any company where sustainability is a priority. It’s Energy Star certified, meaning you can trust it to handle your documents with a minimum of wastage and a maximum of effectiveness.

The Sharp MX 3114 is a powerful platform for top-of-the-line printing, copying and scanning technology. 

Sharp MX-3114N Specifications

PDL Emulation Printer Standard/Opt Standard SAPL-c; OPT PCL6, PS3, XPS PDL Emulation Printer Standard/Opt
Printing protocols LPR, Raw TCP (port 9100), POP3 (e-mail Printing), HTTP, Novell Printserver Application With NDS And Bindery, FTP For Downloading Print Files, EtherTalk Printing, IPP Printing protocols
Network protocols TCP/IP (IPv4 And IPv6), IPX/SPX (NetWare), NetBEUI, EtherTalk (AppleTalk) Network protocols
Supported OS Options Mac OS 9.0 - 9.2.2 Mac OS X 10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4.11/10.5 - 10.5.8/10.6 - 10.6.5 Supported OS Options
Supported OS Standard Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista/Windows 7 Supported OS Standard
Interface Standard/Opt Standard USB 2.0 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Interface Standard/Opt
Network Printer (Standard / Option) Standard Network Printer (Standard / Option)
Enhanced Resolution (dpi) 9600 Equivalent X 600 (interpolated) Enhanced Resolution (dpi)
Printer Resolution (dpi) 600 X 600 Printer Resolution (dpi)
Confidential storage Yes Confidential storage
Storage folders Quick File Folder, Main Folder, Custom Folder (max. 1000) Storage folders
Scan Destination FTP, Email Yes Scan Destination FTP, Email
Document Filing Capacity- Quick File Folder (pages 10 Document Filing Capacity- Quick File Folder (pages)
Document Filing Capacity- Main And Custom Folders 20 Document Filing Capacity- Main And Custom Folders (pages)
Document Filing (Standard / Option) Standard Document Filing (Standard / Option)
Scan Destination USB Memory Yes Scan Destination USB Memory
Scan Destination Network Folder Yes Scan Destination Network Folder
Stored jobs Copy, Print, Direct Print, Scan, Fax Transmission Stored jobs
Fax (Standard / Option) OPT Fax (Standard / Option)
Hole Punch Yes Hole Punch
Off-set Shifting Yes Off-set Shifting
Saddle Stitch No Saddle Stitch
Multi- Staple (sheets) Max. 50 Multi- Staple (sheets) Max.
Output Capacity Max. 500 Output Capacity Max.
Broadcast Transmission (max. Destinations) 500 Broadcast Transmission (max. Destinations)
Dial Registration; Rapid/speed Dial 1000 Dial Registration; Rapid/speed Dial
Grey Scale Levels 256 Grey Scale Levels
Memory (MB) 3GB - 5GB Memory (MB)
Document Size (Max) A3 Document Size (Max)
Document Size (Min) A5 Document Size (Min)
Transmission resolution Standard 203,2 X 97,8 Dpi Ultra Fine 406,4 X 391 Dpi Transmission resolution
Modem Speed (bps) 33.600 - 2.400 Modem Speed (bps)
Transmission Time (sec) 3 Transmission Time (sec)
Communication Protocol Super G3/G3 Communication Protocol
Compression Method MH/MR/MMR/JBIG Compression Method
Available fonts 80 (PCL), 136 (PS3) Available fonts
Scan Destinations Desktop Yes Scan Destinations Desktop
Weight (Kg) 73 Weight (Kg)
Dimensions (mm) 583 X 623 X 834 Dimensions (mm)
Power consumption (kW) 1,84 Power consumption (kW)
Power requirements - rated local AC voltage (Hz) 200 - 240V, 50/60Hz Power requirements - rated local AC voltage (Hz)
Harddisk capacity (GB) 320 Harddisk capacity (GB)
Harddisk Standard Harddisk
Memory printer min/max (MB) 1024/2560 Memory printer min/max (MB)
Memory general min/max (MB) 1024 Memory general min/max (MB)
Warm Up Time (sec.) 20 Warm Up Time (sec.)
Paper Capacity- Max. (sheets) 2100 Paper Capacity- Max. (sheets)
Paper Capacity-Standard (sheets) 600 Paper Capacity-Standard (sheets)
Paper weight (g/m2) 55 - 256 Paper weight (g/m2)
Paper Size- Min.-Max. A5R - A3W Paper Size- Min.-Max.
Engine speed B/W ppm (A3) 15 Engine speed B/W ppm (A3)
Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A3) 15 Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A3)
Engine speed B/W ppm (A4) 31 Engine speed B/W ppm (A4)
Original Paper Size (Max.) A3 Original Paper Size (Max.)
First Copy Out Time Colour (sec.) 7,9 First Copy Out Time Colour (sec.)
First Copy Out Time B/W (sec.) 5,8 First Copy Out Time B/W (sec.)
Scanner utilities Network Scan Tool, Sharpdesk Scanner utilities
File Formats TIFF, PDF, Encrypted PDF, JPEG (colour Only), XPS File Formats
Resolution Pull Scan (dpi) 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 50 To 9600 Custom Resolution Pull Scan (dpi)
Resolution Push Scan (dpi) 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 Resolution Push Scan (dpi)
Scan Method Push Scan And Pull Scan Yes Scan Method Push Scan And Pull Scan
Network Scanner (Standard / Option) Standard Network Scanner (Standard / Option)
Original Capacity (sheets) 100 Original Capacity (sheets)
Preset copy ratios 10 Preset copy ratios
Zoom Range (%) 25 - 400 Zoom Range (%)
Gradation (equivalent Levels) - Colour 256 Gradation (equivalent Levels) - Colour
Gradation (equivalent Levels) - B/W 2 Gradation (equivalent Levels) - B/W
Resolution Print (dpi) 600 X 600, 9600 Equivalent X 600 (interpolated) Resolution Print (dpi)
Resolution Scan Colour (dpi) 600 X 600 Resolution Scan Colour (dpi)
Resolution Scan B/W (dpi) 600 X 600, 600 X 400, 600 X 300 Resolution Scan B/W (dpi)
Continuous Copy (Max. Copies) 999 Continuous Copy (Max. Copies)
E-sort Opt. No E-sort Opt.
E-sort Standard Yes E-sort Standard
Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A4)31 Engine Speed Colour Ppm
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5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars The Sharp MX-3114N, 26th July 2013
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I thought it would take us weeks to find a multifunctional photocopier good enough to deal with our massive document workload but, thanks to Top4Office, it took just a few minutes! The site is so well laid out, we found the Sharp MX-3114N shortly after logging on. We called up, placed our order on Monday and it was on our network by Friday, fully installed and firing off documents. Great service, great hardware.

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