Sharp MX-3111U

The Sharp MX-3111U packs high performance colour document creation up to A3 size into a sleek, compact device. Print speeds are rapid, while using the device is simple thanks to an intuitive, clear operation system.  Learn more...
Sharp MX-3111U is discontinued
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Sharp MX-3111U Copier

Sharp MX-3111U Copier

Sharp MX-3111U Information

While people still talk non-stop about ‘the paperless office’, in reality hard copy documents are still essential to the way business is done across the globe. If you run a small business where professional looking printing, scanning and copying are high priorities then the Sharp MX-3111U will fit beautifully into your infrastructure. Combining speed, secure safety features, remote access control and utility software with over 160GB of storage space on its generous hard drive, this machine is all about giving the user as much choice and flexibility as possible from job to job.

Productivity in your Printing

If you are tired of having your MFP slow down when you print colour, the Sharp MX-3111U is the machine for you. This powerful device fires off prints and copies at a rate of 31 pages per minute no matter what ink you are using. A first page out time of 7.9 seconds means workflow will never have to slow down because of the time it takes to produce documents.

Clear, Crisp Images

For offices looking to print documents that mix style and visual dynamism with clarity and professionalism, this device can deliver time and time again. A colour print resolution of 600 x 600dpi and 9,600 x 600dpi interpolated means you get real quality when you need it. If you are not confident about your artistic abilities but still want to produce strong looking material, don’t worry – the Sharp MX3111’s Auto Colour Mode takes care of tone and colour settings to add a sheen of professional detail to all you print.

Efficiency, Easily Mastered

Complicated jobs are rendered simple thanks to the Sharp MX3111U’s rack of no-nonsense features, which lower maintenance time and promote effective document creation. Double sided scanning is accessible with a 100-sheet Reversing Single-Pass Feeder and a remote access control panel allows support staff to remotely view the display, so problems can be fixed and new staff can be trained easily.

Secure Photocopying and Document Management

In this age of information sharing and stored data you want to be sure any device that handles sensitive company material does so safely. The Sharp MX 3111U offers terrific security features including user authentication, confidential PIN printing and password protected PDF encryption. Storing documents is simple and safe, with an optional Data Security Kit available that prevents unauthorised access to certain files.

Boasting top of the line features for security, speed, excellence and efficiency, the Sharp MX 3111U is the ideal MFP for a small office.   

Sharp MX-3111U Specifications

PDL Emulation Printer Standard/Opt Standard SAPL-c; OPT PCL6, PS3, XPS PDL Emulation Printer Standard/Opt
Printing protocols LPR, Raw TCP (port 9100), POP3 (e-mail Printing), HTTP, Novell Printserver Application With NDS And Bindery, FTP For Downloading Print Files, EtherTalk Printing, IPP Printing protocols
Network protocols TCP/IP (IPv4 And IPv6), IPX/SPX (NetWare), NetBEUI, EtherTalk (AppleTalk) Network protocols
Supported OS Options Mac OS 9.0 - 9.2.2 Mac OS X 10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4.11/10.5 - 10.5.8/10.6 - 10.6.5 Supported OS Options
Supported OS Standard Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista/Windows 7 Supported OS Standard
Interface Standard/Opt Standard USB 2.0 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Interface Standard/Opt
Network Printer (Standard / Option) Standard Network Printer (Standard / Option)
Enhanced Resolution (dpi) 9600 Equivalent X 600 (interpolated) Enhanced Resolution (dpi)
Printer Resolution (dpi) 600 X 600 Printer Resolution (dpi)
Confidential storage Yes Confidential storage
Storage folders Quick File Folder, Main Folder, Custom Folder (max. 1000) Storage folders
Scan Destination FTP, Email Yes Scan Destination FTP, Email
Document Filing Capacity- Quick File Folder (pages 10 Document Filing Capacity- Quick File Folder (pages)
Document Filing Capacity- Main And Custom Folders 20 Document Filing Capacity- Main And Custom Folders (pages)
Document Filing (Standard / Option) Standard Document Filing (Standard / Option)
Scan Destination USB Memory Yes Scan Destination USB Memory
Scan Destination Network Folder Yes Scan Destination Network Folder
Stored jobs Copy, Print, Direct Print, Scan, Fax Transmission Stored jobs
Fax (Standard / Option) OPT Fax (Standard / Option)
Hole Punch Yes Hole Punch
Off-set Shifting Yes Off-set Shifting
Saddle Stitch No Saddle Stitch
Multi- Staple (sheets) Max. 50 Multi- Staple (sheets) Max.
Output Capacity Max. 500 Output Capacity Max.
Broadcast Transmission (max. Destinations) 500 Broadcast Transmission (max. Destinations)
Dial Registration; Rapid/speed Dial 1000 Dial Registration; Rapid/speed Dial
Grey Scale Levels 256 Grey Scale Levels
Memory (MB) 1024 Memory (MB)
Document Size (Max) A3 Document Size (Max)
Document Size (Min) A5 Document Size (Min)
Transmission resolution Standard 203,2 X 97,8 Dpi Ultra Fine 406,4 X 391 Dpi Transmission resolution
Modem Speed (bps) 33.600 - 2.400 Modem Speed (bps)
Transmission Time (sec) 3 Transmission Time (sec)
Communication Protocol Super G3/G3 Communication Protocol
Compression Method MH/MR/MMR/JBIG Compression Method
Available fonts 80 (PCL), 136 (PS3) Available fonts
Scan Destinations Desktop Yes Scan Destinations Desktop
Weight (Kg) 73 Weight (Kg)
Dimensions (mm) 583 X 623 X 834 Dimensions (mm)
Power consumption (kW) 1,84 Power consumption (kW)
Power requirements - rated local AC voltage (Hz) 200 - 240V, 50/60Hz Power requirements - rated local AC voltage (Hz)
Harddisk capacity (GB) 160 Harddisk capacity (GB)
Harddisk Standard Harddisk
Memory printer min/max (MB) 1024/2560 Memory printer min/max (MB)
Memory general min/max (MB) 1024 Memory general min/max (MB)
Warm Up Time (sec.) 20 Warm Up Time (sec.)
Paper Capacity- Max. (sheets) 2100 Paper Capacity- Max. (sheets)
Paper Capacity-Standard (sheets) 600 Paper Capacity-Standard (sheets)
Paper weight (g/m2) 55 - 256 Paper weight (g/m2)
Paper Size- Min.-Max. A5R - A3W Paper Size- Min.-Max.
Engine speed B/W ppm (A3) 15 Engine speed B/W ppm (A3)
Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A3) 15 Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A3)
Engine speed B/W ppm (A4) 31 Engine speed B/W ppm (A4)
Original Paper Size (Max.) A3 Original Paper Size (Max.)
First Copy Out Time Colour (sec.) 7,9 First Copy Out Time Colour (sec.)
First Copy Out Time B/W (sec.) 5,8 First Copy Out Time B/W (sec.)
Scanner utilities Network Scan Tool, Sharpdesk Scanner utilities
File Formats TIFF, PDF, Encrypted PDF, JPEG (colour Only), XPS File Formats
Resolution Pull Scan (dpi) 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 50 To 9600 Custom Resolution Pull Scan (dpi)
Resolution Push Scan (dpi) 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 Resolution Push Scan (dpi)
Scan Method Push Scan And Pull Scan Yes Scan Method Push Scan And Pull Scan
Network Scanner (Standard / Option) Standard Network Scanner (Standard / Option)
Original Capacity (sheets) 100 Original Capacity (sheets)
Preset copy ratios 10 Preset copy ratios
Zoom Range (%) 25 - 400 Zoom Range (%)
Gradation (equivalent Levels) - Colour 256 Gradation (equivalent Levels) - Colour
Gradation (equivalent Levels) - B/W 2 Gradation (equivalent Levels) - B/W
Resolution Print (dpi) 600 X 600, 9600 Equivalent X 600 (interpolated) Resolution Print (dpi)
Resolution Scan Colour (dpi) 600 X 600 Resolution Scan Colour (dpi)
Resolution Scan B/W (dpi) 600 X 600, 600 X 400, 600 X 300 Resolution Scan B/W (dpi)
Continuous Copy (Max. Copies) 999 Continuous Copy (Max. Copies)
E-sort Opt. No E-sort Opt.
E-sort Standard Yes E-sort Standard
Engine Speed Colour Ppm (A4)31 Engine Speed Colour Ppm
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5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars Sharp MX-3111U review, 3rd August 2012
5 5

Sharp MX 3111U is a beast of a copier, larger than my office desk and definitely heavier. But unlike my desk, it prints more than 30 pages each minute, including double sided papers. It also costs a lot more, but between a good discount, monthly leasing and accountancy tricks, it turned out to be quite manageable. All in one system that can handle network printing and send scanned documents directly to an email destination. Now that is the true meaning of high tech.
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars very good, 22nd June 2012
5 5

I never realised that our four year old photocopier and the new Sharp MX-3111U are a world apart in terms of performance. It is pretty much twice as fast, printed images are very detailed, with vibrant colours. ... and I was told the old model was just as expensive at the time.

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