Ricoh MPC400

For a powerful multifunctional printer, photocopier and scanner at an affordable price, the MP-C400 from Ricoh’s Aficio range is a great option. It comes with all the power a medium office or workgroup could want from a document handler and is packed with quality security features too.  Learn more...
Ricoh MPC400 is discontinued
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Ricoh MPC400 Photocopier

Ricoh MPC400 Photocopier Ricoh Aficio MPC400 copier Ricoh Aficio MP-C400 Photocopier

Ricoh MPC400 Information

If you are planning to invest in a multifunctional printer, it is likely you are looking for a machine that will increase productivity and quicken the workflow in your office. Unfortunately, many MFPs come with such a complicated interface that they actually slow things down in the workplace, while you wrestle with the overly complex mechanics. The Ricoh Aficio MP-C400 comes from the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s a top class, high performance machine that is simple to use and installs in an exceedingly short space of time, designed at all times with the end user in mind.

World class productivity

What makes a top-drawer MFP like the Ricoh MP C400 such a great addition to an office network is how simple it makes access to world class output. With 1,200 dpi resolution and 42 pages per minute print and copy speeds, this model offers the streamlined, reliable delivery of fantastic documents. This superb output is backed up by deep 2,300 sheet maximum paper capacity and a choice of high-performance finishing options to add a professional sheen to your documents.

Simplicity of use

Ricoh’s dedication to designing truly industry leading hardware is matched only by its dedication to user friendly hardware. With a beautifully clear control panel boasting an interface that is extremely simplistic, even the least tech-smart users of the MP C400 can easily navigate through the myriad features, functions and files of the device. Even the most complicated processes are explained with step-by-step guides on the panel, while an ergonomically designed paper tray makes replenishing the drawer a stress-free job.

Terrific data distribution

The Ricoh Aficio MP C400 comes packed with a range of flexible Scan-to options that make the sharing and storage of hard copy information a quick, one button task. You can scan your documents to email and FTP, in files such as PDF, TIFF and JPEG, supporting a much more mobile, versatile workflow in your office.

Real security for all your documents

As we enter the era of Big Data, the need to keep all your information safe is incredibly important. The MP C400 is a model that has been designed with this concern in mind, boasting magnificent features such as Data Overwrite Security and user authorisation. This means only user approved by the office administrator can access the MFD and latent images of data that passes through the device are wiped from the hard drive. 

To add a truly powerful multifunction photocopier to your workflow, the Ricoh MP C400 is a terrific choice. 

Ricoh MPC400 Specifications

Warm-up Time 60 seconds Warm-up Time
Copy speed Full colour 40 copies per minute B/W 40 copies per minute Copy speed Full colour
Network protocol TCP/IP (v4, v6), Bonjour Network protocol
Printer resolution 600 x 600 dpi (1, 2, 4 bit) 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (1 bit) Printer resolution
CPU Celeron M (1 GHz) CPU
Dimensions (W x D x H) 550 x 570 x 710 mm (incl. ARDF) Dimensions (W x D x H)
Duplexing Standard Duplexing
Paper Weight Paper trays 52 - 220 g/m Bypass tray 52 - 256 g/m Duplex tray 60 - 163 g/m Paper Weight
Paper Size Paper trays A4 Bypass tray 216 x 600 mm Paper Size
Paper output capacity Standard 500 sheets Maximum 650 sheets Paper output capacity
ARDF capacity 50 sheets ARDF capacity
Paper Size Paper trays A4 Bypass tray 216 x 600 mm Paper Size
Multiple Copy Up to 999 Multiple Copy
Paper input capacity Standard 1 x 550-sheet paper tray 100-sheet bypass tray Maximum 2,300 sheets ARDF capacity 50 sheets Paper input capacity
Memory Maximum 1.5 GB + 160 GB Hard Disk Drive Memory Maximum
Zoom 25 - 400% (in 1% steps) Zoom
First Output Speed Full colour Less than 15 seconds B/W Less than 10 seconds First Output Speed
Paper output capacity Standard 500 sheets Maximum 650 sheets Paper output capacity
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5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars next to perfect MFP, 26th July 2012
5 5

Ricoh MPC400 is a worthy replacement for Ricoh MPC300, featuring a significant step ahead in terms on technology efficiency. There is a 10 pages per minute speed difference, improved print quality and less energy consumption / carbon footprint. I already was a fan of A4 colour MFPs due to their compact size and feature rich builds, but Ricoh MPC400 has everything it needs to be perfect at the office.
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars fresh looking images, fast speed, 3rd July 2012
5 5

Ricoh MP C400 is a powerful copier machine operating at 40 pages per minute in colour A4. We felt that the speed was it's greatest asset within our given budget, since it allows us to keep up with business growth and scale our processes up within the next 3 years. Ricoh designers were quite precise and made sure to keep the size at a minimum, as the photocopier is smaller than it seems, fitting in virtually anywhere. Colour images have a certain crisp quality about them, as if they are printed on higher DPI. Quality improvement is certainly obvious when compared to our previous Canon 1020 model.

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