Black and white photocopiersAt Top 4 Photocopiers, we do not just pride ourselves on offering the best office equipment at the lowest prices, but also on our commitment to ensuring our customers get the right photocopier, printer or multifunction device for them. Different offices have different requirements and, as there is no such thing as the typical workplace, we do not sell ‘typical’ hardware packages.

When you contact us for a quote, we make sure you get a document solution that suits the processes and practices of your business, and this extends to the kind of printing you do. That’s why we stock a huge range of top of the line mono machines, because we know that not every business needs colour printing, copying and scanning to tackle its workload. What’s more, the benefits for companies that buy mono devices are many.

The obvious one is cost. A black and white document handling system comes with lower running costs than a colour model, with reduced cost per print and copy and, thus, cheaper service agreements. If you think this lower cost means lower performance, however, you are wide of the mark by some distance. We stocks black and white copiers from, amongst others, Ricoh, Canon, Sharp and Toshiba. These companies do not put their names on machines that are anything other than world class, and a look through our black and white range will bear this out.

Five great reasons to buy a mono MFDs from Top 4 Photocopiers


  • Price: Top 4 Photocopiers is well known across the UK and Europe for quoting copier prices way below those you will find with other online or high street hardware suppliers. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a top of the line MFD, a desktop device or a production printer. We consistently offer prices well below the recommended retail prices you will be charged elsewhere.
  • Choice: Our catalogue is incredibly extensive, offering models that will suit just about any size of shape of office. From high performance, high volume duplicators that have been designed to handle large amounts of commercial-quality copies to compact desktop devices perfect for a small business or home office.
  • Quality: We only stock devices from trusted, world-renowned brands. Take a look at our catalogue and you will instantly recognise the names: Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, Ricoh and Samsung. These manufacturers have built up a reputation across decades of innovative hardware and boundary-pushing products. You can rest assured that every one of the devices we sell will come from a truly world class company.
  • Customer-friendliness: Not only is the Top 4 Photocopiers’ reputation built upon value and bargain prices, it is also built on customer friendliness. Here, we take the time to find out about each of our customers specific requirements. We then tailor a hardware and software package that will suit their needs, rather than simply recommending the same devices for every client. This way, you can rest assured you will get the best possible document handling machinery for your business.
  • Support: The terrific service does not end when the device is installed to your network. Our nationwide team of expert engineers and support staff are on-hand around the clock, to solve any problems that our customers might have during ownership. That means your hardware runs at peak performance no matter how heavy the workflow gets
All the benefits of high class security

Data securityIn the era of big data, where companies create and store more information than ever before, the security of your hardware becomes incredibly important. Therefore, one of the main things you should check before you bring an MFD to your network is the level of safety features it offers. Our catalogue of mono photocopiers boast consistently high levels of security.

Features such as data erase keeps all the latent images of old files off your hard drive so, when the time comes to dispose of the device, you can do so with no stress, while pin-based log-in capabilities allow the office manager to track and monitor how the device is being utilised. As well as tightening your data security, this also allows you to keep your consumable usage under control.

Finishing features

Just because you are printing and copying in black and white that does not mean you can’t make eye-catching professional documents. When you buy a top drawer MFD from our site, you are likely to find a huge list of finishing options that can bring your output to the next level. Features such as folding, inserting, stapling, booklet making and collation allow you to create items in-house that you would previously need to outsource to a third party professional printer. This helps you save money and control your business’ brand and marketing.

Black and white documents


Choose how you pay

Mono CopierNot every company has the same budget and not every company likes to purchase their hardware in the same way. Top 4 Photocopiers understands this and that’s why we offer a number of different purchasing options. Though the majority of our customers prefer to buy their equipment outright, we also have leasing and rental agreements.

Hiring on a short term or long term basis comes with a number of advantages. For one, you do not have to tie your company down to a piece of office hardware that might depreciate in value over time. Also, you get flexibility: you can upgrade your MFD extremely easily as your business’ requirements develop and grow.

Of course, the big advantage to renting or leasing mono photocopiers from our catalogue is cost. As the short term spend is far lower, it is terrific for a start-up company looking to furnish its office. At this crucial stage, a business may not yet have the capital to buy a top class copier outright. Leasing and hiring means you get a world class device without breaking your budget in the process.

So, if you are looking to pick up a mono photocopier, call us today. Our helpful team are on hand to get the best possible document handling system to your office network.