Fax Machines

Fax Machines

Choose from a wide range of home office fax machines and large office faxes to suit every requirement. Top brands available for dedicated black and white laser fax machines with a multiple paper size outputs and scanning capabilities.

The fax machine remains one of the most trusted pieces of hardware for UK offices. If you need to get a hard copy of a document in the hands of a remote recipient as soon as possible, faxing is a great option. While many of our multifunction photocopiers and all-in-one printers come with fax capabilities, we also stock an extensive range of standalone facsimile systems that bring fast, simple, centralised document distribution to your network.

Look through our online catalogue and you will find high performance models from the biggest names in office hardware, like Ricoh, Brother and Toshiba. These devices offer rapid data movement, crisp, clear image recreation and ultra-reliable transmission. Not only that, you will also find the lowest prices in the UK. That makes Top4Office the best choice for the smart company that does not want to rip a hole in its budget when it comes to equipping the workplace with hardware.

As with all our customers, companies that purchase, rent or lease a fax machine from Top4Office are offered superb, all-encompassing after-sales support. Our commitment to ensuring offices get the service they require to keep their hardware running at peak performance throughout ownership has made us one of the UK's most trusted business equipment dealers.

If you are looking to add a fax to your office network then call our team of experts today. We will make sure you get the right model for your office at the right price for your budget.

The muscular, dynamic Canon L3000 fax machine is precision engine…
The Canon i SENSYS L300IP is a dynamic laser fax machine that com…
Faxing, scanning and printing can all be centralised on the high …
The Ricoh 3320L is a user-friendly, fast paced fax machine, ideal…
Call for best price on the Ricoh 3320L
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Call for best price on the Ricoh 4430NF
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Built with style and designed for productivity, the the Canon i-S…
If you run a small or medium sized office, the Ricoh FAX 1190L wi…
Call for best price on the Ricoh FAX 1190L
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