Colour Photocopiers
Top 4 Photocopiers is renowned across the office hardware industry for supplying top of the line Colour Photocopiers, printers and business equipment at the lowest prices. Smart customers come to us for the incredible choice and flexibility offered in our catalogue. Whether it’s a high capacity production model, a dedicated one function document system or an all-in-one multifunctional device you are after, you will find everything you need at Top 4 Photocopiers.


Take a quick browse around our homepage and you will instantly recognise the names of some of the most popular and innovative manufacturers in the hardware industry, Canon, Toshiba, Samsung and Ricoh amongst them. These are brands that have built up trust with business customers across the globe over decades of groundbreaking, forward thinking and quality.

Why choose colour?

Colour CopierOnce, colour copying and printing was considered a luxury that only companies with a professional print requirement could afford. The advent of digital document handling, however, changed the game profoundly. Now, colour multifunctional devices are available for all sizes of business in all industries with all budgets.

So, even if you have a limited amount of money to spend on your workplace hardware you can still afford high quality, ultra-efficient colour document handling. Not only that, the digital revolution has also opened up offices of all shapes and sizes to finishing capabilities like booklet, brochure and flyer printing. This allows your business to take control of previously outsourced printing jobs for company marketing material.

The benefits of shopping at Top 4 Photocopiers

  • Choice: Here at Top 4 Photocopiers we believe in choice. Across our catalogue of colour photocopiers you will find every size and shape of document system. Need a desktop printer? We have a huge range of affordable, compact models perfect for a small or home office. Need a production model for a professional print environment? We have large-scale, high-speed, high quality models from the biggest brands around. Need a model that can print, scan and copy with reliable efficacy? You will find what you need here.
  • The best brands: When you come to Top 4 Photocopiers, you can choose from a terrific list of world renowned copier manufacturers. Names like Samsung, Sharp, Ricoh, Toshiba and Canon are trusted by offices around the world because they have spent decades pushing the boundaries of what document systems can do.
  • The lowest prices: Top 4 Photocopiers is known for offering top-of-the-line photocopiers at low prices. Even if you require a commercial-quality MFD, you can snap it up for a bargain quote when you call our dedicated team of experts. We consistently price our machines way below the prices you will find either on the high street or on the web.
  • Software packages tailored for you: There is no such thing as the ‘typical’ business. Two companies, with the same size of workforce, in the same industry, may have markedly different requirements when it comes to their day-to-day processes. Top 4 Photocopiers understand this and that’s why we take the time to find out what kind of copying, printing and scanning your workplace requires before recommending print software and solutions. This means you get the right hardware and software solutions to bring your document handling up to the next level.
  • The best after-sales support: The other thing that has marked out Top 4 Photocopiers over the years is our commitment to ensuring every one of the machines that we sell runs at peak performance all the way through its lifetime. To do this, we offer a nationwide team of expert engineers and support staff. These highly trained operatives are on hand, round the clock across the mainland UK, to ensure all issues are solved in a timely fashion on every one of our customer’s devices.

Data SecurityStay secure no matter how heavy the workload

Another of the great advantages of modern, digital colour photocopiers is the world class security solutions they offer. These days there are few things more important than the safety of your business data. Considering how much information runs through your office equipment on a day to day basis, you have to be sure that hardware is airtight.

All of the machines on our catalogue come with terrific security features. From pin-based features that allow you to limit access to your data on a user by user basis to data erase features that wipe all traces of images and documents from your hard drive, you can get all you require to run a totally secure workflow.

Greater mobility

The more technology advances, the more mobility it offers the end-user. Just look at how ubiquitous items such as email attachments and smart phones have become over the last decade to how nearly every company gets its work done. These items allow offices to keep their whole workforce in the loop at all times, regardless of where they are at any given time.

Mobile Printing

Today’s top colour MFDs come with features that support this greater mobility, with cloud connectivity. Your team can colour print and scan at all times without being anywhere near their desks or logged on to a networked PC. This means you can run a much more portable, much more flexible workflow that is suitable to the fast-paced, non-stop world of modern business.


Rent photocopiersMore options than purchasing

Many offices prefer not to buy their photocopiers outright but prefer to rent or lease them. By taking on a short or long term hire or lease deal, you are offered low short term costs, greater flexibility and the same world class support service you would expect from Top 4 Photocopiers. Also, when you lease or rent you can upgrade very easily as your business develops and your document handling requirements change.

If you want a top drawer colour photocopier at a bargain price tag, Top 4 Photocopiers is a great choice. Call our team today and you will get a low cost quote on a truly world class device.