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Canon photocopiers

Canon is a global powerhouse specialising in imaging and optical products. Top4office provides all requried accessories and consumables, along with a wide range of Canon photocopiers and computer printers. Browse the full spectrum of inkjet or laser printers, black and white, colour, A4 and beyond starting with speeds of 20 ppm.

For the best part of a century, Canon has been designing and producing cutting edge technology that is accessible to the widest possible audience of users. That long commitment to offering top drawer, user-friendly hardware can be seen at work in Canon's modern range of multifunction photocopiers. Its imageRUNNER ADVANCE brand of MFDs is a true industry leader.

Canon Photocopier - IR2545i

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Photocopiers

On this high performance line of devices, you will find machines suitable to every type of office in every type of industry. There are large production models, compact desktop devices and everything in between. Whether it's sophisticated finishing or reliable durability you are after, you will find it on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE range.

When Canon first began designing the imageRUNNER ADVANCE models, it took a different approach to that of its competitors. It wanted to do more than merely add another line of photocopiers to an already crowded marketplace. Rather, Canon wanted to design a platform that could support every stage of a company's document lifecycle, growing and adapting with the business, with the ability to create, store, share, edit and archive data of every type. It also wanted to ensure that this platform responded to the key priorities of the modern office like information security, carbon footprint and mobile working processes.

In the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE range you will find the fruits of this labour. Though you might assume such high quality devices would come with large price tags and intimidating running costs, at Top4Office you can snap up models from this range at bargain rates.

Canon Photocopiers

Why choose Top 4 Photocopiers for Canon?

Top 4 Photocopiers is known across the UK and Europe for being the most reliable, affordably priced supplier of high quality office equipment. Not only do we offer the best copiers and printers from the biggest, industry-leading brands, we do so at prices below those charged by our competitors, whether on the high street or online. This commitment to savings sees some models priced as low as 20% of their recommended retail prices, though that's not the only reason to choose Top 4 Photocopiers when you shop for a Canon device.

Here at Top 4 Photocopiers we also believe in great customer service. For us, it is not enough to simply sell a machine. We also want to build up a relationship with each and every customer that lasts long into the future. That's why we provide tailor-made service agreements that help keep devices running at optimum productivity throughout ownership.

With our nationwide network of highly trained, experienced engineers, you get round the clock support. This crack squad of experts are on hand to solve any issue that may arise in your document handling processes, before it becomes a problem that might slow down your productivity.

Top class software

When you buy a Canon model from Top 4 Photocopiers, you get to choose a software package that will be ideal for your business. Canon's uniFlow solution offers top class security and simplified device management, making life easier for the stressed-out office administrator. Whether you want to track and lower your printing costs, move data proficiently throughout your network or introduce a more mobile printing and copying workflow, software will be available to help you do so.

Canon's approach to software is just as committed and forward thinking as its approach to hardware. That's another great reason to pick up a Canon model from Top 4 Photocopiers.

The benefits of buying a Canon from Top 4 Photocopiers

    Get an innovative, high powered device from one of the most trusted names in the history of technology.
  • Enjoy the simplicity and user friendliness of Canon's legendarily accessible, logically laid-out control system.
  • Stay secure thanks to Canon's uniFLOW solution, which keeps all your confidential business information under a tight blanket of safety.
  • Move information through your office network with simple, one-button systems.
  • Truly flexible and scalable solutions that can develop while your business grows and your requirements develop.
  • Get the best after sales support and service in the game, thanks to Top 4 Photocopiers' legendary network of engineers.
  • The lowest possible quotes on the best possible hardware.

Buying, renting or leasing a Canon MFD

The flexibility of picking up a Canon device from Top 4 Photocopiers does not end at the software package or type of machine you choose. We also offer terrific versatility in terms of the manner in which you bring the MFD to your network. While many companies prefer to buy outright, it is far from the only way to bring a new document system to your office. A large and growing number of businesses now choose to take out short or long term lease or hire agreements on MFDs and reap the many rewards.

Leasing a copier allows you to push out the overall spend across a number of months. This spreading out of your document handling costs is great, particularly if you run a new start-up company. With money freed up in other parts of your budget, you can gain much more economic freedom in the vital, early days of your business. Also, as you are not tied down a copier that you bought outright, you don't need to worry about hardware depreciating over time.

That flexibility helps you to keep your document systems up to date too. As you company grows, your requirements develop. This means the copier you bought at the beginning of your business' lifetime might not be suitable to your business six months down the line. A lease agreement will allow you to upgrade with a minimum of fuss. When you rent or lease from Top 4 Photocopiers, you get the exact same dedicated service and door-to-door delivery. If you are running a one-off conference this is very helpful, as we will drop off, install and pick up the device, leaving you free to focus on organising your event.

If you want to bring the power of Canon's MFDs to your network, call us today.

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